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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

please find enclosed some news and the update for our collection. We have attached a new and complete pricelist because there have been a lot of questions concerning the pricelists in our collection.    

 Please exchange all updates as usual. Remove all sample cards which are no longer specified in the pricelist. These articles are sold out and not available anymore.


Group 24:                    5710   NESSEL greyfabric sanfor finish, coated with adhesive

The basic fabric for this article is our NESSEL sanfor 0471 but we added a finish and 40g/m² Copolyamid hot melt adhesive. The fabric is fusible and washable up to 30/40°C.

As a result of the “sanfor” finish the shrinkage will be ok in this fabric.


5711   NESSEL greyfabric coated with adhesive

It is the same basic fabric like 5710 but without sanfor finish! So this fabric may be used for things which will not be washed. We can also supply it in pure white. The shrinkage of the pure white fabric is about 6%.


Please take our brochure of scissors into this group of your cataloque.


Group 31:                    0581   TÜLL Elisa  and   0578   TÜLL Elrike

Followup fabrics for 0571 Elke, 0572 Elfi und 0573 Elvira. Please take the old sample cards out of your cataloque. These fabrics are sold out. The new TÜLL fabrics are also made from Polyamide. Polyamide can be dyed better than Polyester.


Group 41:                    0897 Fresko JAGO

Blended fabric from Polyester/Wool. A very hard wearing fabric. White is nearly pure white and not offwhite/woolwhite because of the polyester part in the fabric.

We can dye special colours up from 50,- rm. Please contact us if this can be usefull for you.


Group 51:                    5785   WOLLFILZ / Felt from Wool

Classic felt from 100% Wool in 160cm width. A new fabric from our embroidery department which can also be useful for the theatre collection.


Best wishes from Quickborn


Schneider & Wohlenberg

         GmbH & Co.KG


       Wilfried Russ